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We’re here to celebrate hair as a form of self-expression and style.


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Season's Hottest Hair Colors

Monday, October 2, 2017 6:23:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

Fall 2017 Hair Color Crush: Blonde Bombshell
or Chic Dark Brown

For women living the LumiLife - hair extensions are an accessory. Striking a fashionable mood for the direction you want to take your look begins and ends with your hairstyle. However, it should be known that the true magic of your hairstyle begins with a flawless hair color.

This Fall, two hues are on our LumiBloom hair color crush radar - blonde and dark brown, as worn by LumiBloom founder, MacKenzie, and our Ambassador, Shavon. Whether you're a hair chameleon who's more than likely to choose to go back and forth between either hair color, or simply selecting one as your signature hair look, you've got options with our LumiBloom Aer Soft Wave and Terra Wave Indian hair extensions.

Whichever hair color you choose to make your own for the Fall, why not go for a super long and straight hair extensions style that resembles looks worn by celebs such as Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian.

Try these LumiBloom Hair Extensions hairstyle hacks that are sure to have you looking fierce through the season.

Looking for something classic and glam?

Go for straight, Dark Brown Hair Extensions:

Needed: One 16" Aer Soft Wave Lace Closure and Two 20" Aer Soft Wave bundles

After installation, part hair down the middle, flat iron straight and finish with a dab of LumiBloom Argan Serum. (Special maintenance tip: Wrap hair at night and during workouts to reduce the need for excessing flat ironing.)

Thinking of brightening your look for the Fall with a hair look full of attitude? Hello Blonde!

Needed: One 16" Terra Wave Indian or Aer Soft Wave Russian Blonde Closure and Two 22" Terra Wave Indian or Aer Soft Wave Russian Blonde bundles

Before installation, dye the closure roots medium to dark brown. After installation, part hair down the middle, flat iron and apply LumiBloom Argan Serum for a sleek shiny finish.

(Special styling tip: Using Terra Wave Indian for this look allows you to easily transition from sleek straight to tousled wavy, by applying LumiBloom Strength and Moisturizing Conditioner along with Argan Serum after wetting the hair. Allow hair to air-dry, fluff with fingers and enjoy.)

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