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We’re here to celebrate hair as a form of self-expression and style.


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LumiBloom 's 7 Favorite Hair Quotes

Monday, October 2, 2017 4:41:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

LumiBloom 's 7 Favorite Hair Quotes

From the moment we wake up, get dressed, style our hair, and prepare for the day, many thoughts cross our minds. The thoughts we conceive may range from excitement about a new hair color, to impatience with flyaways that can’t be tamed. Regardless of the hair challenge or triumph feeling we are in the midst of experiencing, there are more than a few witty hair quotes that could perfectly express our exact sentiments. Here are 7 of our favorite hair quotes:

white text highlighting the importance of great hair

Translation: When you have a phenomenal hairdo, your confidence follows suit, and everything else falls into place. That's why it's important to use nourishing hair care products, you know.

a beauty quote on the scarcity of bobby pins

Here's a short quote about beauty that speaks to all of us. What happens to the bobby pins? Where do they go? How do you buy a whole pack and you can't find even one of them? It’s a mystery.

hair quote by Coco Chanel about getting a haircut

There are several variations of hairstyle quotes and sayings that focus on this idea. You know the trope of the woman who gets a haircut after a bad breakup or major life shakeup, right? Well, so what? Chop off that baggage, girl! If you find yourself yearning for long hair again, you can just indulge in some long, luxurious clip-ins.

Fran Lebowitz quote about hairstyles

That's the way it goes, sis. Sometimes, we are known by the hair on our head. You owe it to yourself to make sure your tresses are feeling their best every day. You know what that means, right? You have to hydrate and moisturize like your life depends on it.

hair quote about not touching someone's hair

Hair is off-limits, full stop. There are no negotiations. This is one of our favorite hair quotes, but it's also the one we have to repeat the most often. Don't touch anyone's hair!

a beauty quote warning against being basic

Don't do what everyone else is doing. This is one of the simplest short quotes about beauty, but it rings true. Even if you choose a classic cut, you don't have to be basic. Be yourself and wear your hair like a crown.

a hair saying inviting you to live the LumiLife

We at LumiBloom enjoy coming up with our own hairstyle quotes and sayings, too. Not that we’re biased, but we think this one's the best. Connect with us to join the Lumi Life community yourself.

Are you inspired by our most identifiable hair quotes? Go with it, girl. Check out our selection of extensions and haircare. Don't forget to hit us up on social media to share your favorite beauty and hairstyle quotes.

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