Bangs - sometimes we love them and other times we become tired of waiting for them to grow.

Thankfully, there is a solution for those of us who want the look without the commitment. With LumiBloom clip-in extensions, anyone can quickly transform their hairstyle with bangs. Try our tips below for creating LumiBloom Clip-In Bangs in an instant!

Decide if you would like bangs with body, using our LumiBloom Terra Wave extensions or straight bangs, using our Aer Soft Wave hair extension clip-ins.

Next, part your hair in the center to apply.

Now, place the clips facing down towards the front part of the crown of your head along the part that you’ve just made.

Next, cut and fringe your LumiBloom clip-in extensions with scissors to your desired length below your brows.

For a side swept bang, be mindful of not cutting your bang too short.

Brush your bang assuring that the LumiBloom clip-in extensions blends in perfectly for a polished hairstyle.

Flat iron your bangs with a gentle bend as desired.

Show the world who’s boss with LumiBloom clip-in extensions that you’ve made into your fierce new bangs!