Refresh And Detox For The Fall With Our VitaBloom Detox Tea

As we bid farewell to the summer and welcome the Fall season with open arms, doing so with a clean slate is a great way to transition your body, mind, and soul. After months of tossing back cocktails and indulging on endless summer sweets and eats, there's no better time than now to give special attention to your personal wellness. Detoxing is one of the best ways to reset and renew your body for the Fall. Like anything that's good for the body, detoxing provides amazing benefits!

Why Detoxing Is A Good Idea

Unfortunately, we encounter toxins and chemicals every day, whether from the foods we ingest, the products we use on our bodies or in our home, and even the pollutants that exist within the air. Now, add stress to the equation, and because none of these things are good for the body - detoxing is the perfect solution to cleanse and rid our bodies of what doesn't belong.

How Often And How Long Should Detoxing Take Place

Cleansing your body of toxins at the start of the four seasons is a great way to revive and refresh. If four times a year sounds intimidating, perhaps you should at least try to detox twice a year - once in the Spring and then in the Fall. Detoxes can last from 1 day to 14 days.

Feel Ah-mazing With VitaBloom Detox Tea

With our VitaBloom Detox Tea, you can indulge in a 100% natural organic beverage full of cleansing goodness. Each package contains a 14-day supply and can be enjoyed hot or cold. To boost the enjoyment of your VitaBloom Detox Tea, we recommend adding honey, cinnamon, lemon or cayenne for added flavor.