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5 Tips for Getting Your Hair Summer Ready

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 12:50:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

With summer on its way, you need hairstyles and weave you can swim in that still looks phenomenal when you step out of the pool. Read on for our fav favorite hair care tips for weaves and natural hair that you’ll need to keep your hair happy all summer long.


Learn how to fight the frizz and battle the humidity while ensuring that your hair is always on-point. We even have top-notch advice for sun protection for hair.


Get Knots Out


Prepping for summer involves escalating your weave hair care game from the beginning. As the weather warms up and the humidity gets thicker, take a little extra time to comb out tangles. Tangled hair can also hold onto debris, sebum, and sweat, which makes your hair look disheveled and not in a stylish way! Make sure you have a wide-tooth comb to work through the knots as gently as possible.


Opt for a Low-Maintenance Style

Low-maintenance is the way to go in the summer. Forget about keeping your straight tresses perfectly sleek in spite of the humidity or keeping your curls from going to frizz. Strike a balance for the summer. All it takes is a lovely, wavy hairdo. Depending on the occasion, you can easily straighten your hair, or add a few curls. During your days of lounging and leisure, you can hop in the water without a worry. Enjoy wearing weave you can swim in, rocking a relaxed ponytail or single braid, but watch out for your leave-out! And remember, try to avoid exposing your extensions to salt water. If you do, be sure to rinse as soon as possible.

Moisturize & Protect Your Beauty!

Whether you're enjoying a staycation in your own backyard or spending your summer at an exotic resort, you have to consider the climate. It's an essential aspect of sun protection for hair. To combat the dampness in areas with high humidity, choose lightweight oils to combat frizz and tame strays. Coconut oil is a winner, as is jojoba oil. In dry or cold climates, use every moisturizer and hydrating product in your arsenal.


Sleep on Silk

You're probably already sleeping on silk pillowcases, but if you're not, summer is the time! Silk doesn't leech the oils out of your hair. Those oils are essential for proper weave and overall hair care. They keep your tresses lustrous, hydrated, and shiny. Some ladies find that silk pillowcases are stifling in the summer. That's all right. Just wrap up your hair in a silk scarf instead.


Give Your Scalp a Breather


Although you want a weave hairstyle you can swim in to combat the weather, you also need to give your scalp time and space to breathe. Think about a U-part wig that you can remove before you go to bed. Then again, perhaps it's the perfect season for a twist-out.

How will you style your hair this summer? Will you be styling your hair so that you can swim? Rocking wavy, beachy hair extensions? Connect with us on social and share your favorite ‘do!

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