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Decompress Set

Given the current state of the world, there’s no such thing as “too many” self-care products. Yet many of us don’t take the time to properly care for ourselves at all because we’re spread too thin. That’s why LumiBloom created our Relax – Decompression Collection. It includes relaxing sleep tinctures that many women use to ensure a good night of rest after a long, harried day. 

We know that feeling too anxious or stressed to fall asleep is all too common. Simply turn to our Relax – Decompression Collection, a bundle that’s specially designed to soothe. 


The Ultimate Self-Care Set

If you’re like most people, you go through your workday longing for it to end so that you can finally relax in the evening. The self-care products in our Relax – Decompress Bundle are designed with this in mind. The bundle has a collection of products crafted to help you to decompress before you head to bed.

Tincture - Let’s start with our Mint Sleep CBD Tincture, a relaxing sleep tincture that draws from the soothing properties of mint to quell anxiety. The added melatonin can also help you sleep! After a day spent solving problems and dealing with stressors, nothing calms a racing mind like wrapping your hands around a warm cup of tea.

CBD Tea - We suggest using the tincture with our Mint CBD Tea, another powerhouse product included in the bundle. Many of our customers have found that drinking a hot cup of tea before bed helps them to relax. The comforting ritual of drinking tea provides an opportunity to quiet your mind so that you can finally rest.

Bath Bombs and Body Scrubs - As you sip your tea, draw a bath and toss in our Lavender CBD Bath Bomb. Untense your muscles as your skin becomes silky smooth and your whole body relaxes. Before you climb out, wash off with our Blue Crystal Body Scrub. It will exfoliate your skin to leave you glowing and refreshed. Combined with a relaxing sleep tincture, you can fall into bed without a care in the world.

Pamper Yourself With LumiBloom

We all need a little pampering in our lives. With our self-care products, you’re on your way to treating yourself with the care you deserve. And be sure to check out LumiBloom’s other bundles for even more self-care products


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