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Hand Sanitizer

You know how important it is to sanitize your hands often and well. If you're sick of traditional hand sanitizers and want something that's more in line with your health and wellness goals, then a CBD sanitizer may be the perfect cleanser for you.

  • 2oz of 50mg CBD
  • 50mg CBG
  • Contains 0% THC
  • Vitamin E
  • FDA Approved
  • No THC

A Hydrating Difference

CBD hand sanitizer is a next-level kind of sanitizer for a wide array of reasons, starting with CBD. Our moisturizing hand sanitizer will help you keep your hands clean and hydrated. Traditional sanitizer dries out your hands, causing painful cracks. It's terrible on your hands, but many of us make the sacrifice because it's so essential to cleanse and sanitize. 

Switching to our CBD hand sanitizer fixes that problem. Not only is it infused with 50 mg each of CBD and CBG, but it also has vitamin E. Vitamin E is the secret weapon that helps this hand sanitizer condition and moisturize your hands each time you use it.

Fast Acting Effects

The infusions of vitamin E, CBD, and CBG are must-haves because this moisturizing hand sanitizer also contains 70% ethanol alcohol for amazing potency. It takes less than 15 seconds to cleanse and sanitize your hands. Better still, our formula meets the Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash Criteria put into place by the FDA.

Swap out your regular sanitizer for CBD hand sanitizer. You can find a variety of CBD alternatives for your favorite health and wellness products at LumiBloom, including teas, tinctures, and vitamins. Start living a Lumi Life today and score 20% off your first order with us.

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