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  1. Create a Daily Beauty Routine | Find Fall Beauty Tips | LumiBloom

    Woman with beautiful hair during fall holding a leaf

    Prepare to change up your daily beauty routine for fall. What works in the summer won't get the job done once it cools down outside. LumiBloom has all the fall beauty tips you need to keep you gorgeous and glowing all autumn long.

    Exfoliate—But Don't Over-Exfoliate

    The air becomes dry as it gets colder, which means that your skin will get dry, too. Skincare should always be part of your daily beauty routine, but you have to take it up a notch in the fall. Not only should you use toner and moisturizer once or twice a day, but you should begin to exfoliate your skin once a week. Don't do it more often than that. Too much exfoliation can dry out your skin and throw its balance out of whack. A once-a-week treatment is enough to eliminate dry skin and debris.

    Wash with the Right Products

    You shouldn't need to w

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  2. How to Style Hair Extensions

    Woman looking off to side with long dark hairstyle and white blazer

    Wondering how to style hair extensions? With high-quality virgin hair extensions, you can create many different styles. Dress them up or dress them down for the perfect look every time!

    Get the Perfect Extension Color

    While you can match your extensions to your hair, you might not be able to get the perfect shade every time. One way to remedy this is coloring the extensions. It’s important to know that you should usually only go darker with your extensions. Bleaching them to go lighter can be hard on the hair, and the final result may vary dramatically depending on the haircolor you’ve chosen for your new weave.

    If you need to color your extensions, color them off the head and use an ext

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  3. Our Tips on Hair Extensions for Weddings

    You’re getting married. The big day will be here before you know it. You’ve chosen the dress, the venue, and your bridal party. What about your hair? Do you keep it loose and natural, or do you opt for adding volume or length with bridal hair extensions? So many choices!

    After exploring Pinterest boards and the ‘gram for hair inspiration for days once you know you’re either having a wedding or being in one, you should have an idea of how you’re going to style your hair—we hope! When you’re looking for hair extensions and the best hairstyles for weddings, we understand how overwhelming all the choices can be. However, knowing this ahead of time can make your day go smoother, and it’s super fun to play with your wedding looks with your BFFs by your side!


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  4. 5 Tips For Becoming a Real Life Sleeping Beauty

    5 Tips For Becoming A Real Life Beauty

    Time to catch some ZZ’s Ladies! Did you know that more than a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night? Although we are making boss moves, it is important that we catch a substantial amount of shut eye. According to the American Sleep Association, a lack of sleep has an effect on our weight, heart, brain, life length, and immune system. Sure, cramming everything that we possibly can within a 12-hour time span is a goal for many, but having enough hours of sleep allows our bodies to recover from the damage of the day. The time is now to make over your sleeping habits! Make getting ready for bed a relaxing daily ritual. Doing so will get your body in rest mode. Here are some sleep rituals to

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  5. Luscious Lips


    Outfit, on-point! Hair tresses, flawless! Luscious lips, - sort of??? If you’re stuck on your favorite shade of lipstick, the time has come for you to step out of your comfort zone. There are so many gorgeous colors that can transform your look. For conservative and classic days there are nude shades of lipstick, glossy lip balm or tinted lip balm to choose from to get you through the day. For those events and memorable moments when you want your lips to pop in a beautiful color, reach for a tube of the hottest lip colors of the season! You can choose a liquid, matte or possibly a metallic lipstick. Stay slay ready with shades of red, orange, gold, purple or pink.

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  6. Tea Herbal Breakdown

    While trying to achieve a head of healthy hair, harsh chemicals have proven to be counterproductive to achieving such a goal. Swap out those products and kick off your healthy hair goals with a delicious cup of nutrients that promotes healthy hair. Our tea was created to provide essential elements ideal for nourishing your scalp and hair. Each herb uniquely fulfills a specific need for improving circulation of reducing shedding. We use a special blend of natural herbs and nutrients in our VitaBloom Hair Conditioning Tea to help you achieve beauty from the inside and out.

    Here’s a breakdown of the herbal benefits provided by the ingredients in our VitaBloom Hair Conditioning Tea.

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  7. Turn Up the Hair Volume

    Hairspiration For Turning Up Hair Volume And Going The Length With Your LumiBloom Clip-In Extensions

    Now that a new season has arrived, why not make the world your runway with a new hairstyle. Change is always good, especially with our LumiBloom Clip-In Extensions. Whether you want to add volume with texture or a few inches of length, we've got your back girl.
    One of the best hair styling perks our LumiBloom Clip-In extensions offers is the ability to transform your hair with ease as many times as you wish! Want flowing waves for your date night, and straight hair for your weekend brunch party? No problem! You can easily switch it up, and you will surely be the best-dressed woman around from head to toe.

    Tired Of The 'Lengthy' Wait

    Growing hair out can often test a woman's patience. Why wait for lengthy tresses to grow until you are able to try a hot new

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  8. On-The-Go Bags to Have

    Handbags You'll Literally Want to Have Your Hand On This Fall

    Other than a fabulous LumiBloom hairstyle, one other essential item a woman can’t go without is a handbag. As a daily and practical, on the go staple, a handbag helps us to keep our lives organized. With this being the case, toting along something hot, no matter the size is a must. But, lately, the trends offered, prove that no two bags are created equally. Although some women choose to go with a classic style handbag, there are many alternatives such as backpacks or belt bags suitable for lugging your belongings. In fact, LumiBloom’s company Co-Founder, MacKenzie, prefers a sleek backpack for its ease. Looking to get ‘carried’ away for the season? Try one of these bag picks.

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