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  1. Nail It!

    Have you ever found yourself searching for the secret to a great manicure? Is it all about the nail polish color? An eye-catching nail design? Or, nail enhancements? Although all those factors play a part in creating a gorgeous manicure, the truth of the matter is that how you maintain the health of your nails determines how great your completed manicure will look. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nails reflect our overall health. Nail our tips below if you're ready to have the most flawless manicured hands ever!

    1) Get the right Nutrients. A healthy head of hair begins with your diet, vitamins and a moisturizing regimen, such is also the case with your nails. Our LumiBoom Hair and Nail Enhancer is blooming with healthy minerals that support the growth of your nails.

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  2. Winter Hair Tips and Home Remedies to Moisturize Hair

    The best home remedies to moisturize hair are simple and easy to accomplish. It's their simplicity that makes them so effective, in fact. Don't fall victim to dry hair just because the temperatures drop. LumiBloom has essential winter hair tips to help you enjoy healthy, hydrated hair the entire season.
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  3. Luscious Lips


    Outfit, on-point! Hair tresses, flawless! Luscious lips, - sort of??? If you’re stuck on your favorite shade of lipstick, the time has come for you to step out of your comfort zone. There are so many gorgeous colors that can transform your look. For conservative and classic days there are nude shades of lipstick, glossy lip balm or tinted lip balm to choose from to get you through the day. For those events and memorable moments when you want your lips to pop in a beautiful color, reach for a tube of the hottest lip colors of the season! You can choose a liquid, matte or possibly a metallic lipstick. Stay slay ready with shades of red, orange, gold, purple or pink.

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  4. On-The-Go Bags to Have

    Handbags You'll Literally Want to Have Your Hand On This Fall

    Other than a fabulous LumiBloom hairstyle, one other essential item a woman can’t go without is a handbag. As a daily and practical, on the go staple, a handbag helps us to keep our lives organized. With this being the case, toting along something hot, no matter the size is a must. But, lately, the trends offered, prove that no two bags are created equally. Although some women choose to go with a classic style handbag, there are many alternatives such as backpacks or belt bags suitable for lugging your belongings. In fact, LumiBloom’s company Co-Founder, MacKenzie, prefers a sleek backpack for its ease. Looking to get ‘carried’ away for the season? Try one of these bag picks.

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