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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  1. Introducing LumiBloom THC-Free CBD Teas & Oils


    LumiBloom is proud to announce our brand-new line of beauty-boosting CBD-infused products, including CBD tea with no THC and CBD oil that is 100% THC free. These products use an all-natural CBD isolate that has been sourced from organic hemp and is free of pesticides and additives. The CBD isolate is colorless and tasteless—so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD along with your favorite tea or oil.

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  2. Nail It!

    Have you ever found yourself searching for the secret to a great manicure? Is it all about the nail polish color? An eye-catching nail design? Or, nail enhancements? Although all those factors play a part in creating a gorgeous manicure, the truth of the matter is that how you maintain the health of your nails determines how great your completed manicure will look. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nails reflect our overall health. Nail our tips below if you're ready to have the most flawless manicured hands ever!

    1) Get the right Nutrients. A healthy head of hair begins with your diet, vitamins and a moisturizing regimen, such is also the case with your nails. Our LumiBoom Hair and Nail Enhancer is blooming with healthy minerals that support the growth of your nails.

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