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  1. Because People Magazine Said So! The CBD Hand Sanitizer You MUST HAVE, and Here is Why

    By Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

    Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies.


    Hey Bloomers,


    I’m writing to you from the most surreal year–ever! We’re 9 months into 2020, and for 7 of those... we’ve been quarantined in our homes with much of the world in disarray.


    From Black Lives Matter protests against the mindless shootings and police brutality to the hundreds and thousands sick and dying from Coronavirus, this year hasn’t let up, and there is no end in sight. So we rise to the occasion of our “new normal.” We look for the most fun in what we have left. We paint our prettiest pictures; we Zoom our work, friends, and family, and we spray our CBD Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

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  2. CBD Citrus Smoothie

    Staying healthy is key especially with in the health cautious climate we are currently in. Boosting your immune system with vitamin C and lots of fluids can make all the difference in how you look and feel
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  3. 4 Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

    Summer is here! Time to cash in on your vacation time, book a stay-cation with whomever you have been quarantining with, and pull out the bikini you ordered in February. As you make moves under the sun, it's important to maintain sun-safe habits for your skin AND your hair. We often hear about how essential it is to protect your skin from sun damage but your hair needs the same kind of attention.

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  4. Natural Wellness and CBD for Acne-Prone Skin

    Using CBD for skin care isn't as outside of the box as it may sound. Natural skin treatments to promote healthy, beautiful skin have been around for ages.
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  5. How to Care for Color-Treated Hair | Care for Dyed Hair | LumiBloom

    t's easy to learn how to care for color-treated hair, and it pays to compile an arsenal of helpful tips. Dyeing your hair can cause it to dry out, so your hair requires moisture after you have it colored. Coily hair is often dry due to its structure, making extra hydration essential. Knowing how to care for dyed hair
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  6. Introducing LumiBloom THC-Free CBD Teas & Oils


    LumiBloom is proud to announce our brand-new line of beauty-boosting CBD-infused products, including CBD tea with no THC and CBD oil that is 100% THC free. These products use an all-natural CBD isolate that has been sourced from organic hemp and is free of pesticides and additives. The CBD isolate is colorless and tasteless—so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD along with your favorite tea or oil.

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  7. Nail It!

    Have you ever found yourself searching for the secret to a great manicure? Is it all about the nail polish color? An eye-catching nail design? Or, nail enhancements? Although all those factors play a part in creating a gorgeous manicure, the truth of the matter is that how you maintain the health of your nails determines how great your completed manicure will look. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nails reflect our overall health. Nail our tips below if you're ready to have the most flawless manicured hands ever!

    1) Get the right Nutrients. A healthy head of hair begins with your diet, vitamins and a moisturizing regimen, such is also the case with your nails. Our LumiBoom Hair and Nail Enhancer is blooming with healthy minerals that support the growth of your nails.

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  8. 5 Best Holiday & Party Updo Styles for Long Hair

    Get ready for the upcoming holiday season by making sure that you have a few updo hairstyles for long hair in your arsenal. Instead of choosing the same style as you attend events and parties, try something new each time you head off to a new celebration. LumiBloom has our top five updos all laid out for you.
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  9. Create a Hair Emergency Kit | Hair Extension Kit | LumiBloom

    Do you have a hair emergency kit? Girl, why not? Whether you put together a collection of quick fixes for bad hair days or a hair extension kit, you need something full of essentials to do up your 'do. LumiBloom has an easy-to-compile list to start you off right.
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  10. Winter Hair Tips and Home Remedies to Moisturize Hair

    The best home remedies to moisturize hair are simple and easy to accomplish. It's their simplicity that makes them so effective, in fact. Don't fall victim to dry hair just because the temperatures drop. LumiBloom has essential winter hair tips to help you enjoy healthy, hydrated hair the entire season.
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