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  1. Natural Wellness and CBD for Acne-Prone Skin

    Using CBD for skin care isn't as outside of the box as it may sound. Natural skin treatments to promote healthy, beautiful skin have been around for ages.
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  2. 5 Best Holiday & Party Updo Styles for Long Hair

    Get ready for the upcoming holiday season by making sure that you have a few updo hairstyles for long hair in your arsenal. Instead of choosing the same style as you attend events and parties, try something new each time you head off to a new celebration. LumiBloom has our top five updos all laid out for you.
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  3. Create a Hair Emergency Kit | Hair Extension Kit | LumiBloom

    Do you have a hair emergency kit? Girl, why not? Whether you put together a collection of quick fixes for bad hair days or a hair extension kit, you need something full of essentials to do up your 'do. LumiBloom has an easy-to-compile list to start you off right.
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  4. How to Care for Color-Treated Hair | Care for Dyed Hair | LumiBloom

    t's easy to learn how to care for color-treated hair, and it pays to compile an arsenal of helpful tips. Dyeing your hair can cause it to dry out, so your hair requires moisture after you have it colored. Coily hair is often dry due to its structure, making extra hydration essential. Knowing how to care for dyed hair
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  5. Winter Hair Tips and Home Remedies to Moisturize Hair

    The best home remedies to moisturize hair are simple and easy to accomplish. It's their simplicity that makes them so effective, in fact. Don't fall victim to dry hair just because the temperatures drop. LumiBloom has essential winter hair tips to help you enjoy healthy, hydrated hair the entire season.
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  6. The Best Travel-Size Hair Products | Travel-Size Shampoo | LumiBloom

    Travel sized shampoo and conditioner by LumiBloom

    Travel-size hair products are heaven-sent when you're on-the-go. It doesn't matter if you're jet-setting to Paris, taking a weekend trip to another town, or spending the day exploring your city. Hair accidents happen, for one thing. For another, sometimes you need to switch up your hairdo. In addition to travel-size shampoo and conditioner, LumiBloom has illuminating info on the other products you should pack in your purse. Pro tip: buy your own travel-size bottles to make your favorite products easy to transport.

    Nourishing Shampoo

    You don't need to shampoo your curly hair very often, but you'll probably need travel-size shampoo if you travel for any length of time. Get a small bottle so that you can head off somewhere new with our Strength &

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  7. Hair Treatment at Home | Discover Tips for Dry Hair | LumiBloom

    Woman with long hair treating hair with argan oil

    It's convenient, easy, and efficient to do a hair treatment at home, especially when you are using the right products for your hair. The most helpful tips for dry hair instruct you to get as much moisture as possible. That's why it's important you research how to take care of dry hair regarding what you eat, drink, and the hair products you use. LumiBloom provides your follicles the moisture they need along with the confidence that you are using quality products with healthy, nourishing ingredients.

    Let us help you craft the perfect hair care arsenal full of unbeatable products.

    Start with a Hydrating Shampoo

    Often, indulging in a hair treatment at home is as easy as taking a shower. Our Nourishing Vita Pack Shampoo is a great place

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  8. Create a Daily Beauty Routine | Find Fall Beauty Tips | LumiBloom

    Woman with beautiful hair during fall holding a leaf

    Prepare to change up your daily beauty routine for fall. What works in the summer won't get the job done once it cools down outside. LumiBloom has all the fall beauty tips you need to keep you gorgeous and glowing all autumn long.

    Exfoliate—But Don't Over-Exfoliate

    The air becomes dry as it gets colder, which means that your skin will get dry, too. Skincare should always be part of your daily beauty routine, but you have to take it up a notch in the fall. Not only should you use toner and moisturizer once or twice a day, but you should begin to exfoliate your skin once a week. Don't do it more often than that. Too much exfoliation can dry out your skin and throw its balance out of whack. A once-a-week treatment is enough to eliminate dry skin and debris.

    Wash with the Right Products

    You shouldn't need to w

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  9. Introducing VitaBloom THC-Free CBD Teas & Oils

    Green cannabis seedlings

    LumiBloom is proud to announce our brand-new line of beauty-boosting CBD-infused products, including CBD tea with no THC and CBD oil that is 100% THC free. These products use an all-natural CBD isolate that has been sourced from organic hemp and is free of pesticides and additives. The CBD isolate is colorless and tasteless—so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD along with your favorite tea or oil.

    Where Does CBD Isolate Come From?

    CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound that is found in the hemp and cannabis plants and is most abundant in the resin glands of the flowers and buds. Along with THC and terpenes, CBD contributes to the effects of cannabis, but unlike THC, cannabidiol does not get you "high."

    While there hasn’t been much research yet about the benefits of

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  10. How to Style Hair Extensions

    Woman looking off to side with long dark hairstyle and white blazer

    Wondering how to style hair extensions? With high-quality virgin hair extensions, you can create many different styles. Dress them up or dress them down for the perfect look every time!

    Get the Perfect Extension Color

    While you can match your extensions to your hair, you might not be able to get the perfect shade every time. One way to remedy this is coloring the extensions. It’s important to know that you should usually only go darker with your extensions. Bleaching them to go lighter can be hard on the hair, and the final result may vary dramatically depending on the haircolor you’ve chosen for your new weave.

    If you need to color your extensions, color them off the head and use an ext

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